Senior Reps for the Class of 2021 information

Senior Rep Who wants to be in my “Top Nine” next year?!?! Kylie, Logan, and Macy were awesome and will be hard to replace. I will be sad to see them go but excited to see what they will achieve in life. Sky is the limit for these 3! With that being said I’m excitedContinue reading “Senior Reps for the Class of 2021 information”

Dairy Queen aka DQ

Mr.(Butch) and Mrs.(Ella) Engle and their daughter Heather Siegenthaler honored me to come into their newly remodeled DQ and capture some memories for them.  The Engle’s just celebrated their 56 wedding anniversary so what a great gift to have the remodel done on time. Mr. Engle has been a staple on the corner of MiddleContinue reading “Dairy Queen aka DQ”

#HappilyEverHennes — EŌJ Photography

Capturing a day for Brooke and Brett made me realize more and more why I wanted to get in the wedding business. It maybe stressful because you only have one chance to get it right for the couple for a lifetime of memories. When you do get it right it feels so good and rewarding. […]Continue reading “#HappilyEverHennes — EŌJ Photography”

A Small Town Girl Chasing Her Dreams

A small town girl looking to spread her wings.  She has dreams some may think are crazy, but they are only crazy to others who don’t share in your dreams.  Your dreams are yours to do with what you want. Have 10 dreams you want to explore or just have 1, whatever the case maybeContinue reading “A Small Town Girl Chasing Her Dreams”


Why not? Every girl should get to wear her dress twice and enjoy the beauty that made her pick that special one for that special day.  Erica and I ventured out on a beautiful breezy sunset to capture that exact thing.  Everything was in our favor the sky, the waves crashing in, and the wayContinue reading “EVERY GIRL SHOULD GET TO WEAR HER DRESS TWICE”