Kenny “V” Inaugural 5K

Kenny V 5K

August 12, 2017 will be known for the inaugural Kenny “V” 5K run.  Runners and walkers came to honor a father, a son, a friend, a fellow trooper, a man of blue that lost his life in the line of duty. His spirit was alive as people ran and walked in his honor. There were many volunteers that put in countless hours to get this race ready.  The morning was perfect for running low humidity and slight breeze.  The winner was a women with a great time in the 18min area.  The oldest runner was a women 83 young and I don’t know if I could of kept up with her, she made it look easy!  For being the first 5k it was perfectly ran and I can see this doubling in size next year.  Kenny watched down with a smile and his belly laugh watching some of his close friends trucking a long.  Forever rest peacefully Kenny…

Please enjoy the pictures and feel free to share this link.  People can right click and download pictures for free, it is my contribution to my friend!




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Capturing a day for Brooke and Brett made me realize more and more why I wanted to get in the wedding business.  It maybe stressful because you only have one chance to get it right for the couple for a lifetime of memories.  When you do get it right it feels so good and rewarding.

Brooke and Brett’s day was amazing for a day in July, warm but not overly hot or humid. The sky was blue with big marshmallow clouds, slight breeze.  They couldn’t of asked for a better day.

B&B (Brooke and Brett) incase you couldn’t figure that out (lol) are a great couple and I see so many awesome things happening for them. I had the pleasure of doing their engagement pictures so I knew what I was getting into. I looked forward to capturing their day for them because I had this feeling it was going to be a great celebration on the their young love.

The day started with me capturing moments at the house where Brooke was getting ready, and to see the emotion of a mother getting ready to watch her first born walk down the isle was very touching.

Off to capture moments at Brett’s house before heading to the church it was the same a mother holding her son tight in pictures because her baby was going to take the next step in his life. Don’t get me wrong a father can love but there is no love like a mother’s love!

The church was to a pack house to see B&B tie the knot and a beautiful Catholic ceremony it was, we can all agree their love is smoking because it was HOT in that church 😉

Pictures after the mass where taken in Oberlin and the group was so much fun to work with, party favors in the limo may or may not have played a roll in their liveliness?? I’m going with yes but that is just me… Just messing with them they were great and the crew helped create a lifetime of fun memories for them. (I’m going with Peyton has the best vertical of all of them!)

Shooting B&B by themselves was super easy because a love like they have just flows.  We worked on a certain shot over and over because I wanted it right for them.  They were troopers but really all I had them do is keep smooching each other over and over so they were totally cool with that, so I guess it wasn’t to hard.

The reception started off perfect with both ushers slamming a drink in the middle of the dance floor, so you knew this was going to be one hell of a party!  Both speeches given by the “best man” and “made of honor” were two of the best I have ever heard, heart felt and genuine.  All the formal dances were just as expected beautiful and touching with everyone taking each dance in while taking pictures and video to capture the moment.  (Putting the pressure on me making sure I did my job, not really I was all over it!)

I tell every couple the day of the wedding something is probably going to go wrong just roll with it, in the end it will be a beautiful day so don’t sweat the small stuff.  To be honest nothing went wrong it was a PICTURE perfect day and I’m just so glad I got to be a part of it.  Thank you Brooke and Brett (B&B if you haven’t figured it out by now) for allowing me to capture your day.

#happilyeverhennes…EOJ Photography