Ms. Attitude


Lets just say I got to spend the afternoon with Ms. Attitude 🙂 and that is exactly what I wanted in this photo shoot.  Morgan is hair dresser at  The Comfort Zone Salon & Spa where you can reach her at.  She is a fabulous up and coming hair dresser in Lorain County so please stop out and see her.  We always have a good time shooting because she works the camera and gives me that edginess which is what we wanted to show and I look forward to more shoots so stay tuned.  We shot in downtown Lorain to give us that urban feel.  The picture up top is what I envisioned this picture to look like from the 70’s if you were strolling around in downtown Lorain.  The city was really quiet which is heartbreaking, because when I grew up there was so much life and it was a fantastic place to grow up.  It was truly a melting pot community with so much vibrance.  I’m not sure if it will ever be that way again but one could only hope.  Please check out the link to see more of Morgan and always thanks for the support…Joe

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