A Day with Morgan

morgan-56A day with Morgan exploring an abandon building turned into being a great photo session.   The session was lit up using 2 LED lights and 1 off camera flash.  It was shot with both a Canon and Sony camera.  It was fun playing with both LED lights and the natural light that was allowed in by broken windows.  Photography is always about  exploring different scenarios and making them work for you. I can’t wait for my next exploration with the camera and see what I can create.  Hope you enjoy my work and that it catches your eye.  If you want to see more of my shoot with Morgan please check out my site at https://eyesofjoe.smugmug.com/Morgan-T/ She was a fantastic model and so fun to work with, you can also find her at https://www.facebook.com/TheComfortZoneSalon/?pnref=lhc One of my favorite things of the shoot was how her hair lit up in every picture, so if your in need of a new look please stop over and see her and let her fix you up!

Until next time Joe

What photography means to me


Photography what it means to me…

Photography allows me to explore my artistic side and do what ever I feel comes natural. I relate the art of photography in two categories almost like the classically trained pianist versus the person that taught himself by ear.  I relate to learning through my eyes and what feels good to me being that I’m self taught.  I can never learn enough when it come to shooting.  I love to learn by other photographers and their pictures like the piano player would listen to other pianist play.  It feels wonderful to tell someone’s story through the camera and capture that special moment.  Sometimes you only get one chance to get it right so you better be prepared at all times.  The pressure to get that photo when you need it makes it all that more exciting.  It is like a game and when you get it right, it is like you scored a touchdown!

Photography calms me…there is nothing better than to go for a walk with the camera and shoot mother nature to help release the stress of everyday life.  Mother nature has so much beauty in this world that we take it for granted.

With photography I have been able to capture my own personal stories with my family that we treasure.  Telling my own personal story and all the joy I have received led me into telling other peoples stories…Thanks for reading and you can see more of my work at www.eyesofjoe.smugmug.com

Here is a recent shoot I did with Hailey Fulk who attends Kent State University.  She was a great model to work with and we had a really good time with the shoot.  You can see more of Hailey at https://eyesofjoe.smugmug.com/Hailey-Fulk/ and you can follow her at _haileyfulk@instagram.  Also thank you to http://www.corktreerestaurants.com/#modern-organic-thai for the use of their facility.  If your ever in downtown Amherst please stop by and check them out great food, drinks and service with a wonderful atmosphere to dine in.  Upstairs is a wonderful place to hold that special event you maybe hosting like a wedding reception, shower, or variety of banquets.